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While doing the reading for the first class, I noticed that  in the spreadsheet on p. 44 of the Black and Skipper reading, the formula for Column 15 is listed as  0.08[(9)+(10)-(11)-(12)-(13)-(14)+(15)].  That didn’t make sense to me. From a “spreadsheet” perspective, it would create a circularity. And from a logical perspective, it wouldn’t make sense either, because one would not not earn full interest on interest even with compounding. So, I sent Professor Skipper (Prof. Black is dead) an e-mail questioning him about it. He agrees that it is an error that has apparently gone unnoticed since the book – the leading textbook in life and health insurance — was published in 1999. 

Moral of story, I think. Be an interactive reader and don’t accept everything at face value.


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